Who gambles more, men or women?

It is quite an interesting and of course controversial question to be asked. Men claim that women gamble more, while women have the opposite to say. The fact is none of the involved parties are going to reach a common mandate, so we will have to evaluate what the researches say. The general perception that has been passed on from years is that men gamble more. online casino and wagering were considered male territories until some years back and casinos were always buzzing with male players, with females only accompanying him. But, with the easy accessibility of onlinecasinocentral and economic freedom of women, the scenario has changed. Recent studies have gathered enough data to challenge this age old perception of gambling being the sport of men. Studies have shown that out of the total population indulging in gambling approximately 45% of that of women. This makes nearly half of the total gambling population and is enough to state that gambling is equally loved and indulged into, by men as well as women. But, there is a difference in the online casinos pattern of men and women. It has been noticed, that women prefer gambling for longer hours, but smaller bets, while the men do the opposite. This further means that gambling is a way to relax for women, but for men it is a source to give them some adrenaline rush and so, excitement. With the main purpose being different, there is also a difference in the type of games that both these sexes prefer. It has been noticed that women prefer chance based games over skill based ones. So, it is most common to find female players on slot machines and male players in poker rooms or blackjack table, though the territories are being breached everyday with more and more women coming up for different types of games.

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